is an independent creative consultancy founded by David & Dasha. Their work ranges from identities, print & digital design to photography & art direction for graphic & motion design

About us

Design Values

Our recent projects include a focus on solidarity with independent unions, supporting workers co-ops & future experiences for climate designers – converging on radical change, ethical design, cultural interventions, education, medicine, public awareness, conservation, social impact campaigns, fundraising, nonprofits, journalism, information design, humanitarian aid

We’re committed to providing access to professional design for those who couldn’t otherwise afford it, but would benefit immensely from its application. We support unfunded activist groups, mutual aid networks & radical libertarian projects as Zerofee or Radical Exchange programs

Want to know more about our programs? Start with The Economics of Radical Exchange or our Zero Fee Policy


Brand Activism

We team with industry insiders who are working to reshape the creative field to tackle climate change & combat the apathy towards values in design that has previously dominated the industry. We have a deep understanding of the impacts advertising & consumerist ideology has had on human, community & planetary well-being. And we aim to drive meaningful change through activist creativity, climate design & radical collaboration

As an activist studio with a few different aliases’ out there, we support campaigns for Ad-free Cities & take part in Brandalism campaigns throughout the year. We network (beers & pixels) with Creatives 4 Climate, Climate Designers & a few others out there leading the transition to a more responsible creative industry


a few friends & our best customers

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